I have a lot of kindergarten language kiddos, who are kind of all over the place. While I tend to think of Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What Do You See? by Eric Carle/Bill Martin Jr. as more of a pre-k book, if there is one thing I've learned over the past few years is that you can pretty much make a picture book work across the board.

I was fortunate a few years ago to find the Brown Bear board game at Goodwill for $3.95 AND it had all of its original pieces. (I will have to make a Goodwill post sometime because I've struck gold a lot!). We played the game, targeting expressive language goals, including describing vocabulary, etc.

I had already started this lesson, when I came across Jenna's post at Speech Room News on using the book and activities for speech. I am not going to go into detail because you should go to Speech Room News and checked it out! It was a slow week for me with parent-teacher conferences (no one wants to talk to speech, I guess), so I whipped up her material ideas after school and worked them into our next speech meeting. The kids LOVED it. I particularly loved the retell/sequencing strip and the spatial concept activities. Next time, I will definitely work in the retell bracelet and I-Spy game, those were just darling!

After we were finished, I sent the kiddos on their way with a Speech-to-Home that goes along with Brown Bear, Brown Bear. I really liked that I was able to target so many different goals with this story AND keep the kids totally involved, so it will definitely be in use again next year.

Attached below is my speech-to-home PDF. Visit Jenna at her post on "Brown Bear, Brown Bear. What Do You See?" to access her materials! Enjoy!

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04/01/2012 6:33am

I also used this book when working with a first grader with severe/moderate apraxia. The repetitive pieces in the book help her organize her sounds. Very effective.

Kristen at Heard In Speech
04/02/2012 9:20pm

I love that idea! Thank you!

08/12/2012 11:56am

I love your "speech to home" pages. How did you come up with these? Do you have a template that you use or were these commercially purchased? Please share!!

08/12/2012 12:59pm

Thanks, I designed these myself.

09/04/2012 2:57pm

Love this speech to home download! What a great way to communicate to parents! Please post more!

09/30/2012 10:08am

Love your speech to home page! Do you do these with all of your groups or just a select few?

01/20/2013 6:53pm

I just ran across your blog yesterday and I love it. Especially the speech and language to home downloads. They are so professional and creative looking. I will be graduating soon and I see so many uses of your materials, you have given me many wonderful ideas. Also, thanks for offering them to us for free.

08/28/2013 9:07am

What an incredible blog you have! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas and beautifully designed templates. It helps us new speechies :)


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