Part of the reason I decided to start this blog is because I was inspired by a number of other speech bloggers, including Jenna Rayburn at Speech Room News.

I loved getting inspiration from her speech room and the other speech rooms posted in response to her post on the anatomy of her speech room! This is the first year that I've had a room to call my own. I spent my first year at one school, sharing a room with the school storage, after-school program coordinator... At my other schools, I spent a LOT of times in hallways, cafeterias, and in nooks under stairs. 

When I started this year in a new district, I was so excited to see that I had such a nice space. I should make a disclaimer that my caseload when I started this year was about 90% artic (really!?). Those things have changed a lot since I started and I am working to make my room more accommodating to my kiddos.

This year, I haven't re-arranged it at all, which will definitely change for next year. I also haven't kept graphic organizers, etc. up all year. These are things I will change for next year, but I think that my room is a step up from the way it was in years past, which was bare, bare, bare. 
My room is located right off the school library in the main corridor. That little window you see is right next to my room's entrance. Something I will do different next year is hang little curtains. You sometimes feel like you are in a fish bowl with all the windows I have in my room. Plus, it can be distracting. My kids are mostly with it though, so it hasn't made me insane enough to hang anything permanent up. 

This is where I do pull-out speech. Behind me, I have pre-made word lists for artic drilling. I am hoping to make a cuter artic cafe for next year, but I made that up one afternoon and it just stuck. To the right of the artic cafe is a small visual for speech rules and a bathroom pass. Above that is one of my new homework strategies: labels with short assignments that are entered into a "speech homework log." 

The hanging pockets hold worksheets that target different artic sounds and some basic language goals. Below the pockets is a file holder, which holds my language lessons for the week (usually). 

This is the fishbowl aspect I was talking about. That area is for my artic kids to track their progress each session or two. I will share that progress sheet on here eventually. I LOVE this and get a ton of compliments on it. The kids are SUPER proud to see their progress.

If you keep turning left, you enter my IEP war zone. This is usually where I hole-punch, staple, and send off. I also have bins to help me keep track of paperwork coming in and going out. All of the kids have a speech folder to keep old worksheets and sticker charts. After about 50 different methods of order, I have found that separating them by grade level in the magazine holder is the easiest for me. I am contemplating forgetting the folders next year. I put a lot of work into them. I also have misc. office supplies, text books, and manuals in this area. (Also, hush, hush, an illegal air freshener ;]).

I skipped over my calendar and white board area because they aren't too exciting. This is my "office." The papers hanging on the wall are grade level schedules, my schedule, developmental norms, misc. special ed things that are nice to have on quick reference. I also have calendars, my to-do bin, and my computer here (tuned to one of the lovely speech blogs at that very moment!). 

This is one of three of my closets. Hanging on the door are bell schedules for various days. The top and bottom shelves are misc. stuff from the previous SLP that I do not use, but would not feel right getting rid of. The middle two shelves are assessments and protocols. The other two shelves are misc. supplies.

This is an area that continues to need some TLC. It used to be exclusively my "library" cabinet, but it is now a mix of all my children's books and some toys/games. 
This is my final closet and it houses my games, material books, and pre-k toys. It also houses my treasure box. 

And that, my friends, is Miss K's speech room!


03/22/2012 3:52pm

Great job Kristen!

03/23/2012 12:17pm

It's nice to have space! I do miss the Apple district though! :]

05/02/2013 7:56pm

Thanks for sharing your room! You have some great ideas! I'd love to know more about how you handle the homework- you mentioned the labels with short assignments. Can you tell me all about it?

Thanks! :)

10/04/2013 5:12pm

Google linked me to this page, nice reading


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