There are a few sounds that really get on my nerves. /k/ fronting is one of them. I am probably a little more perceptive to it because it's my name sound, but I get so frustrated working on it sometimes. It's mostly carry-over that gets on my nerves, but when I think of /k/, I just want to knock. it. OUT (hence the name, I suppose!). 

In other news, I have a few more parent handouts to go before I move on to a new series of materials (believe me, I have several things brewing right now!). /r/ is obviously on the mind... but what other sounds are high-frequency sounds for you?! 

Below is a copy of a free printable PDF. What do you do to target /k/? Please share! Happy speeching!

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Erika P
04/16/2012 12:04pm

I am super excited that you have these!! Do you have a handout for /g/? It's in your artic options but I don't see a link for the handout.

Kristen at Heard In Speech
04/16/2012 5:53pm

I don't have one specifically for /g/, but at the bottom of the /k/ one I do note that many of the techniques will work with /g/ except for voicing. I probably won't be making one for /g/ - or at least not for a while! I have some other things brewing at the moment! Thanks for stopping by!

05/09/2012 8:47pm

Thanks for these handouts--have loved sending them home with kids. Here are some /k/ activities I posted awhile ago:

11/09/2012 5:27am

Thanks so much for this handout! I have quite a few /k/ kiddo's this year. I just recently learned something to try for /k/ and it worked great! We used cheerios and I would explain to the student I was going to put it behind their bottom teeth and I wanted them to find the middle of the cheerio with the tip of their tongue. We would then hold it there for at least a count of 5. After a few times of this I would have the student find that spot without the cheerio and make the /k/ sound.

And it worked great! Within one session I was able to get this student who couldn't produce /k/ or /g/ at all to not only make it in isolation but some words as well!

Tessie Wakefield
10/06/2013 9:46am

I went to click on the /g/ title and the /k/ one comes up? Thanks so much for all of these. They look great!~


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