A while back, I posted a full color version of the articulation hierarchy. I use this to show kiddos where they are on their path to graduation. Whitney, a reader AND a former co-"worker" (Not discounting her work, I was just an intern then!), came up with an awesome idea. Why not let the kids color in each step as they go?

I LOVE it! So, attached below is a black and white copy of the articulation hierarchy for you to do just that... or save a little color ink!

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06/02/2012 12:03pm

You worked plenty hard when you were there and were most certainly a co-worker! Thank you so much for posting this and I cannot wait to use it this fall. What a great visual!

06/02/2012 12:14pm

Aw, thanks Whitney! Over the summer, I am actually working on some more visuals for my room for next year. Any suggestions are welcome. I have an adjective/describing one coming soon! :]

06/07/2012 5:41pm

Hi there! I just wanted to say that I love your site. SO creative! I'm in my second year of grad school and will be starting my first externship in August, working with PK - 1st grade. I'm sure I'll be referencing your blog!


06/11/2012 10:08pm

Thank you! I remember those days. Good luck!

Stacy B.
12/20/2012 9:40am

Great idea, both color & B&W! Thanks for sharing so many great materials!

07/10/2013 11:32pm

The ten steps that you given for the graduation speech are very interesting. The main thing that I noticed is that, only at the top, we can celebrate. Is the size of step means the duration of that step? Then it is very cool.


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