I really adore this series from Linguisystems. I've used it beyond just my kids who have social needs as a way to progress check my younger language kiddos. The social stories come in four parts (so, you get a nice and clear beginning, middle, and end). A workbook comes with the series that offers you yes/no questions, "wh" questions, open ended questions, and more to ask the kiddos afterward to check for comprehension. 

If you're interested in the series, check it out here. I am linking to the whole series, but you may purchase the books individually.

Happy Friday!


05/11/2012 11:52am

We are crazy about Matt and Molly too! Also a great resource for story retell practice and easy comprehension questions.

Kristen at Heard In Speech
05/11/2012 11:57am

Thanks for the comment, ladies! Have you tried the CD (http://www.linguisystems.com/products/product/display?itemid=10368)? It's fun too and basically the same idea with vocabulary and some other stuff worked in there! I have gotten a lot of use out of it. The kids buy into it because...it's technology. :]


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