As I continue on the theme of animal language lessons, a little side-trip must-do for me is "Sheep In A Jeep" by Nancy E. Shaw.

It's not a story I really use for sequencing/retell/animal vocabulary per se, but it's most excellent for action words, adjectives, following directions, phonological awareness, predictions and consequences, etc. It also just has a Seuss-like quality to the rhymes that simply make me happy. (Not to mention, if you have kiddos working on "sh," what a perfect story for practice!)

I have to admit, this book was a great hit with my kids because we got to... wait for it, stand up and practice leaping, pushing, shoving, yelping, cheering, shouting, grunting, weeping, steering, sweeping, and tugging. We even played a game of Simon Says using our new action words.

Some additional resources I found while looking around the web include:

* A Sheep In A Jeep Boardmaker Page
* A Sheep Craft (maybe for our following directions friends...or as an artic reinforcer!)
* Oh yeah... and there's a speech-to-home language lesson below that... where did that come from?
I am sharing my language at home lesson with you. Please comment and let me know what you think below. Have you used this story? What activities have you accompanied with it? It's a simple tale, but one I wool-dn't go without (I just did that).

While I have your attention, there are some changes heading this way. Good changes, happy new things (of the blog variety!). Thank you for all of your support and don't forget to follow Heard In Speech on Facebook and Twitter (check the sidebar for links!)!

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09/07/2012 10:46pm

Love this book! Actually blogged about using it in speech 4 years ago!

But I like your lesson plan better! :)

09/08/2012 7:54am

Oh cool! I like yours just fine! It's hard to keep up with everything everyone has, but glad I'm not the only SLP who loves it! :]

07/15/2013 11:55pm

Good share! I haven’t read ‘Sheep in a jeep’ but as I read your book review I think I should buy that book soon! It has lots of elements that attract adults as well! I liked going through this blog! All the best for your efforts!


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