I know that posts have been few and far between this school year, which I wasn't expecting myself! I have so many ideas always brewing, but having the time to execute them just hasn't happened. I am in MAJOR awe of all the lovely SLPs and teachers out there who consistently post such great materials and ideas. I am just happy right now to make it all the way to my bed at night! 

I recently celebrated two big milestones: (1) I turned 28 and (2) I lost 50 pounds (which I had gained between the first week of grad school until the last, embarrassingly enough) and for the latter, I promised myself an iPad. I finally followed through on that promise last week! I am really excited to use this with my kiddos and I plan to spend some time this weekend researching some apps. 

I thought I would share something I did this week with my younger students who work on beginning /s/ blends. A lot of the kiddos need help with that concept of long and snaky + short. 

We broke out my long sentence white boards and flipped them over to the blank side. We drew a long snake and a short little snake head (or tongue).
Then as we said the long snaky sound we ran our finger over the dry erase marker and made it disappear. Then we tapped on the short tongue when we made our second consonant in the blend (whether it be n, m, k, l, whatever!).
(Am I the only one who goes home with colorful dry/wet erase marker hands/finger nails/baby carrot fingers at the end of a school day?)
I am excited to say that I saw some light bulbs go off this week with this concept instruction, so yay! It's not exactly groundbreaking or rocket science, but just an idea.

Happy speeching!


Jaimee Casey
03/26/2013 9:14am

Very simple and fun. Tried this today with some KG artic kids, and they absolutely loved it. Thanks!


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