I know this school year is wrapping up, but I am always thinking a little ahead. I remembered something that I do for teachers at the beginning of the year and hope to expand on it more next year. One thing I feel like I don't always do a fabulous job of is communicating specifics on each kid to every teacher early enough in the year. 

The first day back, I do try to get a note out to teachers immediately. I know things can change rapidly in the first couple weeks, but I do like to open that door pretty early with classroom teachers.
Something I plan to do next year is give teachers something a little more solid in writing. I usually verbally go over things with teachers, but for the kiddos who have more than just an /r/, I think this would be beneficial.
Below is a copy of both teacher handouts for free download. Please share in the comments below how you get your teachers in the loop about your speech-only students!

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04/04/2013 7:57am

You are my new best friend. Thanks, I love these.


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