Is it summer yet? T minus eight days for me! IEP season is in full swing, but the end is in sight. I recently had an hour to sit down and put together a few new language at home lessons for the little ones. I am very excited to sit down in a few weeks and start on some new materials to share this fall! 

I really love Shirley Neitzel's books and today I am featuring "The Dress I'll Wear to the Party."
I found a few activities/links from around the web to share here for a clothing vocabulary-based language lesson. Shirley's own Web site has some great language-based activities that include predictions, inferences, and social skill ideas to tie into the story ties the story into a cute mother's day activity.

Below is a copy of a take-home language handout to accompany the book. Do you know of any other activities you can use along with "The Dress I'll Wear to the Party?"

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06/13/2013 5:27am

I love the handouts you make for the different activities! Could you tell me which program you use to create them? I would love to make some of my own this summer.


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