I come from a family where organization was not really a priority, which I think led me to being a HUGE organization freak. Everything has a place for me, which I think can be off-putting to some, but it helps me stay efficient. I think we can all agree that it helps to be organized in this crazy career, especially in the schools.

At the end of last year, I bought quite a few binders at Costco and got to work organizing all of my lesson plans, etc. into sheet protectors.
My binders include two storybook-based language lesson binders, two social skill binders, and a fluency binder. I found that I could also put those pesky extra printouts from my PDF-based digital material books into the binders as to not waste them/file them away and never see them again. Eventually, I am pretty sure I could end up with a full paper copy of the material books simply from going through the extras that get left behind at the end of the day....
Using sheet protectors, I place the lesson plan at the front.
Behind that, I placed any printables I've made/used/found online that go with the story (like this one from "The Hat").  I divide each "unit" into sections utilizing tabbed dividers. A lot of the units are consistent with ones I've seen in reading curriculum for the lower grades.
Then I either slip the book into the sheet protector with the lesson plan and materials or, if it's too big, I binder clip it to the back. It's good if you don't have a lot of time or are between multiple schools, you can just grab and go! You don't even need the binder - just the sheet protector including all of your plans. How nifty is that?

I hope that, in the long run, this cuts down on a lot of paper waste and a lot of stress. I don't like having a file cabinet full of worksheets I never use. I tend to have my artic work sheets in file folders in my pocket chart hanging on the wall where I can quickly grab them for homework...

The binders are a little bit of an investment up front, but Costco is an EXCELLENT place to get binders (in bulk? I guess!). I will never buy them at Target individually again.

How do you stay organized??? 


08/09/2013 12:59pm

Great idea! I've been using file folders for my language lessons, but this seems like a great idea too!


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