So it's not really anyone's birthday that I know anyway, but I always feel bad when I don't get to truly celebrate my students' birthdays. With xx on your caseload, I am guessing that sometimes you have to check your logs to verify a kid's birthday claim yourself! 

I think birthdays are VERY important. I use them many times to try to get a language sample. Most kids have a birthday that was very memorable or at the very least a dream birthday party in mind, so I created a little birthday graphic organizer. While I wouldn't necessarily use this as part of a language sample, I could see using this after the fact to help students remember and recall a very special day. I also think it helps reinforce that very special calendar date (which a surprising number of my elementary friends do not know!).
With these graphic organizers, students can draw or write an overall picture of the day, provide 5 adjectives, and break down their day in to three steps (sequencing). They also get a little practice with utilizing ordinal numbers. 

While they overall could be perceived as boy/girl, I think either one is appropriate for either gender. Again, I realize that you will probably print this in black and white, but I am in love with that shade of blue! 

Below is a free downloadable PDF of each of the birthday organizers. Before downloading or pinning or etc., please share what you do to help celebrate your students' birthdays! 

Happy speeching!

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Kristin Mann
12/13/2013 1:06pm

Thank you for your ideas! I appreciate it!


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