Has it really been almost two months? I have a good excuse this time, I promise. I am now a married woman. :)

It's starting to get cooler (as cool as it gets in Southern California, I suppose!) and I just had to start sharing some of my winter time take homes. One of my favorite books to work on is the The Jacket I Wear In the Snow. It's a great book for targeting a variety of /s/ initial blends, clothing vocabulary, winter words ... It's just great. 

There are some great resources around the web for this story.
Sharing Kindergarten has a great freebie

You can make cozy sweater collages, per Things to Share and Remember

Speech Time Fun created a great companion pack

Making Learning Fun has a great retell picture set

Here at Heard In Speech, I have a free downloadable PDF Language at Home Handout, just for you! Do you have any great activities I missed? Please share! :) Happy speeching!

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