... that Heard in Speech was featured on the December 2013 ASHA Leader Blogjam. How cool is that? We (the royal "we" since it's just me here!) are definitely in good company. This blog has most definitely been a very fun adventure. I am not the world's most confident person, but I have had the opportunity to virtually talk with others who make me feel I am not alone. We have a complex job that we (on some very good days) probably make look easier than it really is.

I know I am not the most consistent blogger, but when I get a creative streak, you definitely know it first. I have some fun things in mind and 30 or so hours to spend as a passenger while driving cross-country.... so the new year should bring some new things  this way.

Happy holidays and see you in 2014! :)
Last week I shared the first of several journal entries for my students who stutter. This is one of the earlier entries that I'd like to use when I am still working on building rapport with my new students. 
For my younger students, I wanted to include an area where they can draw/color a picture of what they are writing/trying to write about. I've found that many of students who stutter are great artists, so many of them thoroughly enjoy discussing their journal entries, when we decide to share as a group.

Attached below is a free downloadable pdf copy of prompt #2. How do you work on the emotional aspect of fluency disorders?

Happy speeching!

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I have a larger number of students who stutter this year and, as a result, have been working toward perfecting my journaling collection. Right now, my students leave the journals at school, but I hope in the future that this can be something that can go between school and home. 

I thought I'd share entry #1. 
For my younger students, I wanted to include an area where they can draw/color a picture of what they are writing/trying to write about. I've found that many of students who stutter are great artists, so many of them thoroughly enjoy discussing their journal entries, when we decide to share as a group.

I have been working toward making a complete book with pages dedicated to strategies, self-rating, and other graphics about stuttering. Likely, the kids will take them home over the summer to look at and remember what they have learned.

Attached below is a copy of prompt #1. This may be inspired by something I've seen in the past, but I honestly can not place where. As of right now, I have 5-7 prompts, but I would LOVE to hear what you would use as a prompt with your students. Before pinning or printing, please leave a comment and tell me what you suggest! I will be sharing them periodically over the next several weeks and I would love to keep the production on-going.

Happy speeching!

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Is it truly winter? 

I have several items on reserve, but time just keeps passing by. I created this Language at Home handout to accompany "All You Need for A Snowman" last winter. 

This is a great story to accompany basic concept-based and descriptive language goals.

I found a few resources around the web to assist in a winter unit.

Listed below is a link to a free downloadable PDF for your speeching pleasure! What books do you like to use for a winter unit?

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Has it really been almost two months? I have a good excuse this time, I promise. I am now a married woman. :)

It's starting to get cooler (as cool as it gets in Southern California, I suppose!) and I just had to start sharing some of my winter time take homes. One of my favorite books to work on is the The Jacket I Wear In the Snow. It's a great book for targeting a variety of /s/ initial blends, clothing vocabulary, winter words ... It's just great. 

There are some great resources around the web for this story.
Sharing Kindergarten has a great freebie

You can make cozy sweater collages, per Things to Share and Remember

Speech Time Fun created a great companion pack

Making Learning Fun has a great retell picture set

Here at Heard In Speech, I have a free downloadable PDF Language at Home Handout, just for you! Do you have any great activities I missed? Please share! :) Happy speeching!

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I am a sucker for graphic organizers. I have a binder full of them. I don't always get the chance to use them, but I had to print this one up full-color and laminate it for multiple uses.
I am a big to-do list person. I think organization skills are important for everyone. Why not plant that seed a little early and let the kids "check" off what they've done! This can be used for younger kids who may draw pictures or older students who can write out their ideas. This is the first in a series of "Checking Out" Activities!  

Want a copy? As promised, a free downloadable pdf is below. Happy speeching!

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So it's not really anyone's birthday that I know anyway, but I always feel bad when I don't get to truly celebrate my students' birthdays. With xx on your caseload, I am guessing that sometimes you have to check your logs to verify a kid's birthday claim yourself! 

I think birthdays are VERY important. I use them many times to try to get a language sample. Most kids have a birthday that was very memorable or at the very least a dream birthday party in mind, so I created a little birthday graphic organizer. While I wouldn't necessarily use this as part of a language sample, I could see using this after the fact to help students remember and recall a very special day. I also think it helps reinforce that very special calendar date (which a surprising number of my elementary friends do not know!).
With these graphic organizers, students can draw or write an overall picture of the day, provide 5 adjectives, and break down their day in to three steps (sequencing). They also get a little practice with utilizing ordinal numbers. 

While they overall could be perceived as boy/girl, I think either one is appropriate for either gender. Again, I realize that you will probably print this in black and white, but I am in love with that shade of blue! 

Below is a free downloadable PDF of each of the birthday organizers. Before downloading or pinning or etc., please share what you do to help celebrate your students' birthdays! 

Happy speeching!

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I am not going to lie, being at a new school is tough and getting to know a whole new caseload is overwhelming! I probably won't get to use this during this school year as we are already in full-swing week four, but I thought I'd share something I kind of threw together tonight.
Let me preface this by saying first and foremost, I use Mac Pages to create all of my "homemade" materials. I sometimes like to tinker around with the pre-made templates. I did not create the initial design for the brochure or the clipart/frames. I simply modified the templates by flipping, copying/pasting, etc. to make this what I wanted it to be!

I also want to say I live in a dream world when designing things. I know that 99% of us can't print these in color for all of our speech students, but a girl can dream. These should print in black and white just fine!

I love the clip art within the template, courtesy of Mac Pages! I am working on creating some of my own, hopefully here soon!

From my experience, just printing them off one sided and double sided in the copy machine is easier. Whatever floats your boat! These are simple tri-fold brochures. Double-sided is a must in the end!
These would be the outside covers. Front cover is on the right side with a spot for a self-drawn portrait and handwritten name. Back cover is a place to reflect on goals for the upcoming school year. The inside back cover is a review of what happened this summer, which can be used to target narratives/sequencing. These could be handwritten or drawn, based on whatever age level you are working with! 
Inside cover has a little more writing, but I think it is pretty doable. On the right side is a "WH" question collection revolving around the student. The two left side panels include a section that involves describing/adjectives, naming and identifying, and counting.

I also think this is feasibly something that could be spread over multiple sessions for better quality. I would love to share my template with you, but first .... I want to learn about you! I need ten different commenters to tell me how you found me, how often you visit, and how you break the ice with your new students, elementary or high school or beyond! After I receive ten comments, I will upload my free downloadable All About Me Brochure PDF here to Heard In Speech!

Happy Speeching! :) 

Edit: Thank you for the ten comments! The download is now posted below! :)

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I meant to post this a little sooner, but I've been having trouble getting the document to format correctly as a PDF. This is the log I am using this year for student data/notes/documentation.

It is based heavily on one that we used in my previous district. When I left, I realized how much I depended on it. It's nice to have the yearly calendar on the front because you can quickly tally up how well you are keeping up with your required IEP duties. I try to print these on colored paper if possible, so that I can jump to them quickly in my binder. 

I borrowed the calendar template from the site located on the bottom of the document. They have a lot of different Word calendars that can help with organization.
On the back side is where I document therapy notes. For the rest of the year, I will just make double sided copies of page two of the PDF as needed for each kiddo. 
It's not perfect, but I really feel like it's another way to stay organized and in the know on your yearly services. I usually highlight in the book when the annual is held and any changes to the IEP information in the Notes Section (on the first page). The Notes section is good for accommodations, language background, and extra clues.

Below is a copy of my handy dandy former district inspired notes log. Hope this is helpful to you as you prepare to take on another year! Happy speeching!

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I come from a family where organization was not really a priority, which I think led me to being a HUGE organization freak. Everything has a place for me, which I think can be off-putting to some, but it helps me stay efficient. I think we can all agree that it helps to be organized in this crazy career, especially in the schools.

At the end of last year, I bought quite a few binders at Costco and got to work organizing all of my lesson plans, etc. into sheet protectors.
My binders include two storybook-based language lesson binders, two social skill binders, and a fluency binder. I found that I could also put those pesky extra printouts from my PDF-based digital material books into the binders as to not waste them/file them away and never see them again. Eventually, I am pretty sure I could end up with a full paper copy of the material books simply from going through the extras that get left behind at the end of the day....
Using sheet protectors, I place the lesson plan at the front.
Behind that, I placed any printables I've made/used/found online that go with the story (like this one from "The Hat").  I divide each "unit" into sections utilizing tabbed dividers. A lot of the units are consistent with ones I've seen in reading curriculum for the lower grades.
Then I either slip the book into the sheet protector with the lesson plan and materials or, if it's too big, I binder clip it to the back. It's good if you don't have a lot of time or are between multiple schools, you can just grab and go! You don't even need the binder - just the sheet protector including all of your plans. How nifty is that?

I hope that, in the long run, this cuts down on a lot of paper waste and a lot of stress. I don't like having a file cabinet full of worksheets I never use. I tend to have my artic work sheets in file folders in my pocket chart hanging on the wall where I can quickly grab them for homework...

The binders are a little bit of an investment up front, but Costco is an EXCELLENT place to get binders (in bulk? I guess!). I will never buy them at Target individually again.

How do you stay organized???